This helpful app turns nonfiction books into 12-minute chunks

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Get hundreds of stories at your fingertips.
Get hundreds of stories at your fingertips.

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TL;DR: Become more well-read, 12 minutes at a time with the 12min reading app: A lifetime subscription is on sale for just $39.

Between your demanding workload, an almost endless list of chores, and a hard-to-resist Netflix queue (no judgment here — we can’t peel away from Money Heist, either), there’s no doubt that you have very little time to devote to books. 

You’ve probably resorted to listening to podcasts to compensate, but those don’t really offer educational nourishment the same way books do. If only you could absorb knowledge, The Matrix-style.

Unfortunately, there’s no technology for that (yet), but there’s a worthy alternative: 12min. It’s an app that condenses the most noteworthy nonfiction books into 12-minute tidbits, allowing you to pick up new information and accelerate your learning. And right now, you can pick up a lifetime premium subscription to the service for over 80% off.

Check out how it works:

The subscription nets you 30 new titles every month, giving you a considerable collection of books. Instead of having to set aside a time for reading, each micro book only necessitates 12 measly minutes from your schedule to feed you the key ideas in audio and text formats. With the app’s expansive library, you can search for any book title or offer your own suggestions, and their team of experts will synthesize them into 12-minute chunks just for you. You’re also free to send the micro books to your Kindle account so you can indulge in them even without internet access.

A lifetime premium subscription to 12min usually costs $346.50, but for a limited time, you can get it on sale for $39 — a savings of 88%.

This helpful app turns nonfiction books into 12-minute chunks

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