This is what Google's Pixel 4 looks like

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After a couple of recent leaks that reportedly gave us our first glimpse of what the Google’s unannounced Pixel 4 smartphone would look like, Google has pulled back the curtain and shown us our first official glimpse of the Pixel 4. The official Made By Google Twitter account posted a photo showing the back of the phone, complete with a square area that looks to house two cameras and a flash. 

Here’s the tweet, and the accompanying image:

Based on the image, it’s clear the Pixel 4, and presumably, the Pixel 4 XL, will move away from a single rear-facing camera for the first time. Outside of the black housing and the square camera bump, there’s not much else we can gather from the picture.

Google’s Pixel phones have been some of the worst kept secrets leading up to their respective launches, with each device leaking months ahead of time. Perhaps Google is trying to cut off some of the leaks and speculation by teasing the new phone, instead of staying quiet. Either way, we should expect to hear more about the Pixel 4 leading up to its typical October launch timeframe.

What do you think about the new camera array? It’s similar to the design that Apple is rumored to use with the upcoming iPhones. Is it ugly, or nice to see a new approach?

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