Time-Machine Tuesday: That’s really escalating the problem

Pilot fish gets a help desk call from a user who says he’s bringing his laptop to IT to fix a problem he’s having with printing.

No problem, fish says, we handle that kind of issue all the time.

But the rest of the day passes without the user appearing.

Next morning, user’s boss does show up at the IT department with the laptop, and explains that the user is out sick.

But the laptop clearly has more than printing problems. The display is dangling by a cable, the keyboard is unusable, and the machine is pretty much trashed.

“Turns out the user was bringing the laptop to the IT office,” says fish. “But while crossing between buildings, he was unlucky enough to walk under a large falling icicle, which not only seriously injured the user but sent the laptop flying.

“His boss was still sure we could ‘just put it back together.’”

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