Ubisoft is making animated shows based on Rayman, Watch Dogs, and more

Ubisoft has unveiled plans to bring more of its franchises to TV through a new run of animated shows based on a handful of the studio’s games.

THR reports that Ubisoft is in the process of creating animated TV shows based on Far Cry: Blood Dragon, Watch Dogs, Rayman, and the mobile game Hungry Shark, building on a television portfolio that already includes several seasons of a series based on its Rabbids franchise.

One especially notable thing about this latest round of announcement is that, at least in the case of Watch Dogs, Ubisoft is using the animated shows to chase a different audience than the original video games targeted.

So while the Watch Dogs games are rated mature and for the 17+ crowd, the animated show aims to adapt the property to appeal to the tween demographic that roughly covers kids aged 10 to 13.

The Blood Dragon spin-off, Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Vibe, is meanwhile being created in partnership with the producer of Netflix’s Castlevania show, Adi Shankar, and going after a young-adult audience.

“Every show has a different target that it’s aiming at and a different format,” Helene Juguet, Ubisoft Film & Television managing director, tells THR. Juguet goes on to explain that one of the goals for Ubisoft’s in-house animation incubator is to “translate the essence of video games[…]into an innovative visual and engaging storytelling in animation.”

These new animation plans also include a new Rabbids special, a comedy-adventure based on the Rayman franchise, and what THR describes as an animated sketch comedy about video game culture.

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