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Updated: 21 Confusing Things Stumping Players in Red Dead

Up to date: It is been one week and Crimson Useless Redemption 2 avid gamers are on the lookout for a number of recent mythical animals, hard-to-find puts, cheats, pointers, and, after all, horse brushes. The newest solutions to the questions you might be asking probably the most may also be discovered on the best of the checklist, proper beneath the ruin.

The usage of a mix of visitors, consumer comments, feedback, and seek knowledge, we will be able to now see the place persons are in point of fact getting caught in Crimson Useless Redemption 2. From RDR2’s complicated cheats gadget to elementary horse repairs, listed here are the highest “Maximum Sought after” cheats, pointers, merchandise places, and how-to guides RDR2 avid gamers are on the lookout for — and the in-depth guides with the solutions you search. We’re going to stay it spoiler-free!


Saint Denis is the most important town at the map and lines each a Trapper (for promoting Mythical Pelts) and a Fence (for promoting stolen items like Gold bars). It is within the southwestern portion of RDR2’s map (the decrease proper).


The most efficient pistol is most likely the Volcanic Pistol (pictured above), the most efficient rifle is a Lancaster Repeater, and the most efficient shotgun is the Semi-Auto Shotgun.

There are 3 varieties of Bison in Crimson Useless 2, together with two Mythical Animals:

The typical American Bison may also be discovered within the Heartlands in two explicit places.

You can discover the Tatanka Bison in just right ol’ Hennigan’s Stead, south of Stillwater Creek.

The Mythical White Bison may also be tracked down alongside the north shore of Lake Isabella.

Take a look at the Crimson Useless 2 Interactive Map for extra on those places.

The Mythical Panther seems within the a long way southeast, beneath Rhodes — however you’ll be able to want to whole nine Looking Demanding situations sooner than apparently. That is the one mythical animal locked at the back of the demanding situations.

You get a fab Panther’s Eye Trinket (Trinkets are RDR2’s perk gadget) for looking it down!

Mythical Animals are challenging to trace down, however the very first thing to do is get started with this Mythical Animals in Crimson Useless 2 Map. From there you’ll be able to want to activate Eagle Eye, discover 3 clues, and handiest then will Mythical Animals seem. You’ll’t destroy their pelts, so convey a just right gun with you!

There are 3 units of Treasure Maps in Crimson Useless Redemption 2. For each and every set you will have to first discover an preliminary map, and that ends up in… extra maps! After which treasure within the type of Gold Bars.

The beginning maps for the Jack Corridor Gang Treasure and the Toxic Path Treasure may also be discovered through simply going to a location. The Prime Stakes Treasure map is related to a Stranger you meet north of Strawberry — at random, sadly. However we’re going to display you tips on how to make him spawn in our Crimson Useless Redemption 2 Treasure Map Information.

That is nonetheless in point of fact complicated for many avid gamers, do not sweat it. You’ll promote just about the entirety you’ll be able to loot on the fence. A fence is any individual who buys stolen items — shopkeepers will purchase maximum different issues from you.

There are 30 Dinosaur Bones that may be present in Crimson Useless 2, and those may also be returned to a researcher simply south of the H in Heartlands at the map. You will have to communicate to her sooner than beginning your quest.

The whole thing you had been on the lookout for ultimate week follows.  

Fast, sooner than it is patched! Use this exploit to make greater than $15,000 in Crimson Useless 2 in only some mins!

If that will get patched, or if you wish to have extra money, take a look at this to hand information to all of the techniques to seek out Gold Bars in RDR2, and tips on how to make large cash in alternative ways.

You’ll’t fish till you whole a particular undertaking in Bankruptcy 2 of Crimson Useless 2. This is how that works, and tips on how to catch fish:


To speedy commute you will have to first improve your camp. It prices some huge cash (see Learn how to Make Cash), and you will have to play a couple of reputedly unrelated missions to liberate the Ledger first.

Coming into codes within the cheats menu can turn on to hand assists (whilst additionally deactivating saving and Achievements/Trophies) comparable to Countless Well being and Spawn a Conflict Horse. However there is a catch: you’ll be able to’t input all codes from the get started. It is difficult, so unquestionably take a look at our information to Crimson Ded 2 cheats.

We’ve got additionally created this video to assist:

You are brought on to scrub your horse early within the marketing campaign, and although you’ll be able to simply journey via water to do that, you’ll be able to additionally brush your horse with a horse brush. Like fishing, the pony brush is locked at the back of a undertaking in Bankruptcy 2. Once you have it you’ll be able to use it through focused on your horse from the bottom.

To promote gold bars (ingots) value $500 you’ll be able to want to liberate a fence. Now not the white wooden type — the type of fence that buys stolen items, no questions requested. You’ll journey proper to a Fence in Bankruptcy 2 however a in point of fact easy-to-access Fence is unlocked in – you guessed it – a particular undertaking in Bankruptcy 2.


You’ll rob a teach just about from the beginning of Bankruptcy 2 in Crimson Useless 2, however it would be best to get dynamite first. This is why:

Whilst robbing a teach in Crimson Useless Redemption 2 it’s possible you’ll come throughout a secure. You’ll use dynamite to open it.

There are a couple of techniques to transparent a bounty in Crimson Useless 2, however the very best, and in all probability the strangest manner, is to pay them off on the submit administrative center.

In brief? The (Elite) Arabian is a in point of fact just right horse — perhaps the most efficient in Crimson Useless 2 — and you’ll be able to get it without cost through taming it within the wild. This is how:

Here is a video, too:

To liberate speedy commute and a ton of alternative helpful upgrades in RDR2, you’ll be able to want to improve your camp. To try this you’ll be able to want to whole a undertaking in Bankruptcy 2. After that, you’ll be able to use the Ledger to improve your camp. This is each improve you’ll be able to get:

It is imaginable to get very best pelts utilized in upgrades in Crimson Useless 2 through the usage of a mix of recognizing animals along with your binoculars, equipping the suitable weapon and ammo, and the usage of a extraordinary allure you’ll be able to discover to extend your success. The secrets and techniques to very best looking are right here:

What do I do with this Mythical Undergo Pelt?

The Mythical Undergo Pelt in RDR2 may also be traded to a Trapper. Listed here are the Trapper places and extra on what to do with that pelt:

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Those guides had been written through Casey DeFeitas, Brendan Graeber, Jon Ryan, Samuel Claiborn, and Miranda Sanchez. The Crimson Useless Redemption 2 Information represents loads of hours of labor: Gameplay, recording, and writing. And it is all unfastened! We are hoping you experience it. And in case you are caught someplace in Crimson Useless Redemption 2, we wish to listen about it. Go away a remark beneath or, from the information, hit the “Was once this web page useful?” button to at once touch us.

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