Video: Erebus Attacks And How To Stop Them With ASMAP

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On this episode of The Van Wirdum Sjorsnado, Aaron and Sjors talk about the Erebus Assaults. The episode is a follow-up from final week’s episode on Eclipse Assaults, one of those assault that isolates a Bitcoin node through occupying all of its connection slots to dam the node from receiving any transactions. Erebus Assaults are Eclipse Assaults by which an attacker necessarily spoofs an entire a part of the web.

The web is made up of Independent Programs, mainly clusters of IP-addresses owned through the similar entity, like an ISP. Ultimate week, the hosts defined how Bitcoin Core nodes can counter Eclipse Assaults through making sure that they’re hooked up to numerous IP addresses from other Independent Programs. Because it seems, on the other hand, some Independent Programs can successfully act as bottlenecks when attempting to achieve different Independent Programs.

This permits an attacker controlling this sort of bottleneck to release a a success Eclipse Assault even in opposition to nodes that hook up with more than one Independent Programs.

Since its most up-to-date unlock, Bitcoin Core contains an not obligatory function — ASMAP — to counter a lot of these Eclipse Assaults. The hosts give an explanation for how mapping of the web has allowed Bitcoin Core members to create a device which guarantees that Bitcoin nodes now not simplest hook up with more than a few Independent Programs, but additionally guarantees that they keep away from being trapped at the back of mentioned bottlenecks.

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