Video: Nick Szabo, Adam Back And David Chaum On The History Of Bitcoin

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On this episode of Bitcoin Mag’s Bitcoin In Asia, probably the most godfathers of Bitcoin — Nick Szabo, Adam Again and David Chaum — talk about the historical past of the era with host John Riggins. This episode used to be recorded throughout a are living panel from Seoul at Korea Blockchain Week and is laid out as a historical past of the information and occasions that ended in Bitcoin from their first-person accounts. It additionally options their present ideas on the newest experiments in Bitcoin and what excites them about its long term. 

Szabo is a pc scientist, cryptographer, the dressmaker of BitGold and a wise contracts pioneer. Again is an carried out cryptographer with a pc science PhD in allotted techniques, the inventor of Hashcash and cofounder and CEO of Blockstream. Chaum is perfect identified for his elementary inventions in cryptography, together with privateness era and safe election techniques, in addition to virtual money, and is lately main Elixxir and Praxxis. Each Again and Chaum are cited within the Bitcoin white paper, whilst Szabo’s affect has been discussed by way of Satoshi on

From the cryptography and cypherpunk actions to David’s DigiCash, Adam’s Hashcash proof-of-work, Nick’s BitGold and extra, their contributions had been foundational to the advance of Bitcoin, and it used to be attention-grabbing to have them in combination and enjoying off of one another in a dialogue of that historical past.

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