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WATCH: 'GMA Day's' exclusive interview with an audience member turned 'Instant Celebrity'!

Transcript for ‘GMA Day’s’ exclusive interview with an audience member turned ‘Instant Celebrity’!

We cannot honestly — it is an honor. We cannot believe you’re here. I’m thankful I had time in my schedule to be here. I’m so busy. You made time for us which is awesome. Thank you. Clearly you need no introduction. Let those people who haven’t seen you before where you’re from and what you do for a living. I’m from Athens, Georgia. I live in Jefferson. Jefferson! I’m a pastor at a church called the Jefferson church. They got really creative with the name. I came up with the name. You want to know where it is? It’s in Jefferson. You want to know what it is? It’s a church. Good business move. Absolutely. Actually, we have a photo from one of your recent projects. Let’s take a look at this photo. Oh! That is you and your beautiful wife. I hope that’s your wife. That wouldn’t be a minister move. That’s the church of Disney right there. You have Chanel with you. Yes. Chanel is right there with me. We’ve been together for ten years. We have known each other our whole lives. We started dating in eighth grade and never stopped. Any George strait song you’ve ever heard, that’s us. “Meet in the middle.” “Yes or no.” Do you ever get jealous of all the attention and people throwing themselves at Nick? No. With a name like Chanel you should be here. Oh, the Paparazzi, get out of here. We’re in the middle of a show. We’re so sorry, Nick. I can’t go anywhere. I would hate to have your life with all that attention. No privacy. Usually celebrities come on the show and we interview them about promoting a movie. Any movies you want to promote that you’ve seen later? Movies I’ve seen lately. A really old movie — I like spy movies. You ever seen “The good shepherd” with Matt Damon? That’s a really good movie. I love that movie. You should watch that. A shout out for Matt. You just plugged his movie. That’s really nice of you. We don’t want to hoard you. Clearly people want your attention and they want to see more of you. We’re going to put your picture up in times square. Wow. Nick and Chanel. Holy smokes. Thank you guys for doing that. Not like I haven’t had that before, but thanks. I have love you. I tell you right now, Nick, you’re buying into this really quickly. Thank you for joining us, man. Nice man, Athens, Georgia, Jefferson church, beautiful wife

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