West Virginia makes Fallout 76's Reclamation Day real

Fallout 76’s Reclamation Day is now an actual factor in West Virginia, bizarrely. It’s the identify of the primary quest in Fallout 76 and the day the vault dwellers left their underground sanctuary to rebuild The united states from its ashes. The governor of West Virginia, Jim Justice, has made up our minds to make this post-apocalyptic birthday party authentic, formalising it with a proclamation that you’ll learn underneath. 

When the most recent Fallout surroundings was once published within the first E3 trailers, West Virginia noticed higher consideration because of the hordes of Fallout enthusiasts hungry for extra information about the sport. The state formally partnered with Bethesda to profit from the possible inflow of visitors, and it seems like making Reclamation Day actual is a type of advertising and marketing stunts. 

The proclamation mentions all of the historic, cultural and herbal places offered by means of Fallout 76, framing it as an effective way to get to grasp the state. What it does now not point out are the hordes of mutants, fatal radiation and that gamers can release nukes to devastate complete chunks of West Virginia. 

Sadly, Reclamation Day received’t get you day off paintings.

Should you’re a vacationer in virtual West Virginia, right here’s how one can get began in Fallout 76.


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