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Who Is the Marvel Hero Teased in Iron Fist: Season 2?


There is a new Iron Fist at the means.

Caution: this newsletter accommodates spoilers for Iron Fist: Season 2!

Head right here for a proof on how Danny Rand’s powers paintings and how you can turn into an Iron Fist, or right here for a proof of the finishing of the season.

The Season 2 finale of Iron Fist shakes up the collection’ establishment in a significant means, with Colleen Wing claiming the ability of the Iron Fist and a de-powered Danny Rand starting a globetrotting adventure to seek out his new function. However it will appear his superhero days are not slightly over. The overall episode ends with Danny and Ward Meachum confronting a gaggle of gangsters operating for a mysterious boss named Orson Randall. That is Danny’s cue to expose his latest toys, a couple of mystically charged pistols stolen from Randall himself.

Watch the video above to be told how the whole lot adjustments for Danny Rand in Iron Fist Season 2.

Obviously, the finale is paving the way in which for the mysterious Mr. Randall to play a large phase in Iron Fist Season three. However who is that this personality, and what’s his connection to Danny and the town of Ok’un-L’un? Here is the whole lot you want to learn about Orson Randall.

Orson Randall: The Fundamentals

Danny Rand is some distance from the primary hero to assert the ability of the dragon Shou-Lao the Timeless and turn into Iron Fist. Within the comics, it is only slightly just lately in his superhero profession that Danny realized he is simply the newest in a protracted line of Iron Fists courting again centuries. One in all his predecessors was once Orson Randall, an Iron Fist who was once lively all over the early 20th Century.


Orson Randall: Iron Fist

Not like Danny, on the other hand, Orson by no means totally embraced his heritage. After changing into upset whilst combating in Global Battle I and fleeing a event between the Seven Capital Towns of Heaven, Orson went into hiding relatively than proceed to serve Ok’un-L’un. He did not resurface till the existing day, surviving simply lengthy sufficient to show Danny in regards to the difficult historical past of the Iron Fist and move his energy alongside to his successor.

Orson Randall’s Powers and Talents

Like any Iron Fists, Orson has the ability to channel his chi and use it to spice up his energy, pace and stamina. He can use his chi to heal himself or others or, naturally, flip his fists into rock-hard tools of destruction. Even with out his superhuman skills, Orson ranks some of the largest martial artists on the earth.


What units Orson with the exception of his fellow Iron Fists is his dependancy of bringing weapons into the combination. He too can channel his chi into his dual pistols, imbuing his bullets with unbelievable damaging energy.

Orson Randall: Starting place and Background

Orson Randall was once created by way of writers Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction and artist David Aja, debuting in 2007’s The Immortal Iron Fist #1. He was once presented as a part of a broader effort to make bigger the mythology of Iron Fist. No longer handiest did The Immortal Iron Fist expose that Danny Rand is simply the newest in a protracted line of Iron Fists, the collection additionally presented six (and sooner or later seven) different mystical towns towards Ok’un-L’un.

orson randall

Danny handiest realized of Orson’s life when a event between the seven towns drew close to and his nemesis Davos tried to seek down and kill Orson. Danny felt nice ache when Orson’s powers manifested once more and briefly discovered he wasn’t the one Iron Fist in the end. Orson briefly tracked down his successor and gave him a ebook detailing the historical past of the numerous Iron Fists courting again to a lady named Wu Ao-Shi (who, no longer coincidentally, may be referenced all over the process Iron Fist Season 2).

Watch the video above for our dialogue of Iron Fist: Season 2.

Sadly, Orson did not live to tell the tale past Immortal Iron Fist #6. He sacrificed himself and bestowed his lingering energy on Danny, amplifying Danny’s energy and making him an equivalent fit for the super-charged Davos.

Regardless of his dying, Orson remained a fixture within the collection due to a sequence of flashback stories. Those stories fleshed out Orson’s lengthy, difficult historical past as a Global Battle I combatant and chief of a pre-Avengers super-team referred to as The Confederates of the Curious. Orson continuously used his therapeutic powers to stay himself and his allies unnaturally younger.


Readers additionally realized extra about his foundation tale. Orson arrived at Ok’un-L’un a lot in the similar means Danny later did, crashing in his father’s blimp and being raised to turn into an excellent warrior by way of Lei-Kung the Thunderer. Orson himself turned into a mentor to Danny’s father Wendell, in impact making him a grandfather of types to Danny.

Orson Randall: Past the Comics

Whilst the Danny Rand Iron Fist has had a wholesome existence outdoor of Wonder’s comedian ebook tasks, Orson Randall has but to make the soar to TV or video video games. Fortuitously, all indicators level to that converting in Iron Fist Season three.

The Season 2 finale strongly means that the quest for Orson will probably be a significant plot level going ahead. Orson himself does not but seem, nor has a casting announcement been made. Then again, his signature pistols do seem within the last moments of the finale, with Danny appearing that there is a couple of approach to wield the ability of Iron Fist.

For extra on Iron Fist Season 2, take a look at our Season 2 evaluate, finishing explainer, post-credits scene breakdown, and the whole lot we learn about Typhoid Mary and Davos.

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