Wholesomeness Has Never Been Ted Lasso's Strongest Feature

Over the last year, AppleTV+ breakout hit Ted Lasso has become something of a conversational hot topic, depending on which circles of the internet you run in. It wouldn’t be fair to say that the sports comedy, which became a beacon of hope and wholesomeness after its 2020 premiere, has become “controversial” in its second season, but words like “backlash” have been used to describe the reaction fans and critics alike have had to the show’s second season. There are plenty of reasons for this–we’ve even chronicled a few of them here, as well as some rebuttals–but, now that the show’s second season has wrapped, conversation around the show hasn’t gotten any less divisive.

Season 2 saw a major heel turn for one of Season 1’s protagonists. Relationship drama bubbles up in Season 1’s break-away favorite couple. A number of central characters reveal corners of their personalities and their lives that are anything but wholesome. Now, as the dust settles after the season finale, some viewers are grappling with some pretty big feelings that run the whole spectrum of emotion from anxiety to betrayal. All told, it’s a pretty far cry from the warm-and-fuzzy buzzwords used to sell Season 1.

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